Your hair is good!

Struck by a tummy bug Andrew is feeling sorry for himself and makes for the medical centre. They send an escort of two staff to accompany him and me to the medical centre. We go in the staff lift and can’t help noticing a sign saying Free Condoms…….presumably for the staf……..f as we go in the lift.

A giggly nurse asks him about any ailments he has and after he details them all…….she says…. ’is there any bit of you that is good?’ Then she answers it herself…… ‘your hair is good’. This is the second or third time people have commented on his hair. So by the time we leave after seeing a jolly doctor who tells him to isolate for 24 hours he has cheered up a bit. Luckily I don’t have to. No mention of my hair.

He could have picked the bug up from the many others on the cruise, but I did wonder about the pollution in the sea. As we approached St Lucia, it was awful, plastic bottles, loads of debris floating everywhere but not on the beautiful Magens beach (sorry not Megan as I said before). At least he has got the world cup to watch on telly. He also has to dine in the cabin from a menu suitable for tummy bugs……..they think of everything. He chooses some soup and weak tea and I get room service to join him with a much more interesting menu.

Yesterday was clearly the last warm and sunny day. It is very windy on the walking deck… much so there is nobody there. I could have gone to the golf but given the entertainer who is running it could not cope with the wifi and judging by the clubs he got for the nearest the pin didn’t know much about golf either, I decided not to bother. Where is the lovely Irish pro from our last cruise.?

It is yet another masked ball tonight but we will have to give it a miss as they are very hot on stopping the spread of these bugs and I don’t blame them. The doctors and nurses in the medical centre do an amazing job when they have such an elderly and in many cases unhealthy people on board……..still it is probably better than the NHS right now.



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