Politics in the hot tub/dinning with a dormouse

After a short but energetic tour in St Kitts where our colonial past is writ large. We visit a fortress where there was only one way in and one way out. First the French blocked the entrance and starved all the British and then the British got there revenge and did the same to the French. The locals who were forced to build the fortress and many died doing it, must have enjoyed that. We chat to a young local who told us that they had made our country rich but he did agree that all these cruise ships which visit today are now one of the mainstays of the economy.

It is a glorious day and so on our return to the ship I decide to swim in the pool. I then relax in the hot tub and are joined by two Scots. Most of the Scots I have met seem to be from Aberdeen but these two are from nearby my home town of Glasgow. We get on to Politics, perhaps unwisely and they are not fans of Brexit. They tell me they will now vote for independence which they would never have done before. Their fishing business has been ruined, although they are still managing to afford a cruise. We are joined by a young Englishman with very different views — a fan of Boris and Brexit. The Scot says I had better leave or I might drown someone.

With all the swimming by the time we sit down to dinner it is catching up with me and during the first course I start to nod off and Andrew has to kick me and says he feels he is having dinner with a dormouse. We leave before the pudding and our waiter follows us out to ask if we are okay.

Today we are St Thomas of the virgin islands…….American tax haven and judging by the properties surrounding the wonderful beach many very rich Americans. We go to Megan’s Beach (I didn’t spot her),one of the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world. As we were too late for the tour, we take an open air taxi along with others — they insist on five in each row of seats which is some challenge when some waistlines are taken into consideration.

The beach is just what you imagine a Caribbean beach should be, a mile of golden sand with palm trees and warm tranquil sea. We swim, buy a beer 6 American dollars each — so no lunch and enjoy the sunshine. We did notice three other cruise ships so as the day wears on the beach fills up. Next to us are two extremely fat young American girls. There is something refreshing about the fact they appear to not care about being so fat. They both are wearing skimpy bikinis and enjoy themselves rolling about in the shallows. But I do wonder if they will make 50. It makes me feel like a stick insect and for those of you who know me that will give you some idea of the scale.

There is a strong smell of weed in the second taxi so I hope our driver is not responsible for this as we wind up the steep mountain. I see a notice as we enter the town. No drugs beyond this point. He doesn’t stop. We are greeted as usual by the steel band and two dancers on stilts. That must be exhausting.




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