Final Fling……..then DIET

lizzie ewart-james
2 min readDec 8, 2022

The Cheltenham Festival of Literature on sea has been an unexpected bonus and along with all the other middle aged/elderly radio 4 listeners we rush from talk to talk. I wonder what the reaction from the audience will be when Sathnam Sanghera talks about the ills of the British empire and Matt Chorley the Times writer who is hosting says when we get to questions from the audience ‘Brace Yourselves’. However apart from one question from an elderly gentleman asking ‘What would India be like without the British’ it was all quite tame. Matt Chorley did a hilarious talk about Truss Issues.

I duck the reviews of the news as it will all be about Harry and Meghan and Donald Trump but decide to go to the growing old disgracefully talk by Mary Beard, Rachel Joyce and Alexander McCall-Smith as I think I am quite good at that already. Andrew has not quite recovered from my dancing the other night. I meet the dishy crime writer 6 foot 6 inch tall Charles Cumming and tell him how much I enjoyed his talk and realise I was dancing with him too.

We meet up with a delightful couple who Andrew is vaguely related to and we plan to have a drink with my lovely friend from the golf club. So…..all very social. I hate to think how much weight I have put on — and walking up the stairs rather than getting the lift all the time is probably not having a significant effect. Somehow the gym hasn’t featured much recently.

So home in a couple of days, so I am signing off and thank you to those of you who have read and or commented on this blog. I apologise for the odd spelling mistake as I chase the wifi around the ship I then find I have left my glasses in the cabin…..well that is my excuse!