Are you a terrorist or a drug dealer

Am I likely to answer yes to either of these questions should I be one? I am asked this after much queuing when we arrive at Southampton and as we just about reach the check in we get asked, ‘have you got your esta? Our what! It turns out that this is the visa to enter America……and it looks like we will go all the way to America to be stopped at the border. However Cunard caters for alot of idiots like us, so along with quite a number of others we are farmed off into an area staffed with young giggly girls and ipads. They ask all the above questions and more and finally we reach checkin with photographs of our estas and a bill for 20 dollars.

Seated next to two enormous bellies…….(the future) we have fairly small portions and watch in amazement as one has 4 yes I said 4 puddings. Finally bed and I must say it is very comfortable and we are out for the count.

After breakfast I insist on the gym and we meet four puddings coming out as we are going in. However the sea is now quite rough and the place is deserted. As I hurtle off the stomper and Andrew crashes into the bicycles, we give up. Connecting to the internet is a bit of a nightmare and so it has taken me two whole days to do this blog. However hopefully you will hear from me again.

We make it to the black and white ball and take our lives in our feet on the dance floor as the sea is sending people crashing around. Given that so many are frail and walking with sticks I should think the medical centre is busy making money.

Today it is John Macarthy the hostage speaking and the seas are a bit calmer so maybe we will make the gym and then again maybe not.



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